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    This is not one of the most exciting buildings on UH but like so many innocuous buildings it had its "role to play"

    Known as NATO, Building 114, its historical significance dates from WW II when it supplied the power/mains backup to the base in the event of enemy destruction of mains power or failure of!

    The entire building is surrounded by a 3 foot thick reinforced concrete blast wall, and is somewhere in the region of 15-20 feet in height. Dating from WW II when the base was likely to be bombed by the Germans.

    With the words "Don't touch anything that is making a noise" I entered the building.
    Inside the single big massive water cooled generator that served the base has long gone
    But it served the base well, up until the Yanks pulled out in 1994, when the MOD removed it for other use elsewhere.

    Since then the building has laid in a semi derelict state, although there is power still coming in and going out of the building, with a series of backup batteries constantly on standby charge for what pupose is a mystery

    On with the pics.

    NATO Bldg 114 Standy Generator House

    The fuel tanks that supplied the "Genny" now Slowly "Rusts in Peace" The faded sign says "No Smoking within 50 feet"

    The Blast Wall that protects the building.

    The interior of the building is lined with white glazed bricks, very Art Deco The main generator stood in the middle.

    Inside the office, time has stood still, a chair big enough to take a nice Fat butt! faces the window and awaits a worker who will never return

    Power, back-up batteries which are still being charged from the mains. There use/for what purpose is not known? even by the maintenance staff Like so many buildings on the base there are power transformers that have never been turned off, when they should have! When the Yanks left.

    ROC Post, type batteries sit on a shelf still charged and ready!

    More pics here:

    Thanks for looking
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