Its nice to be in charge of one of the smallest sections in UEF
Moderation of the posts to date and deletion of posts is being left at the moment since they are mostly mine anyway
But an expansion of the Cold War Section is envisaged.

As some of you may know the history of the Cold War is a passion of mine
Unrepresented in Historical terms, it being judged to new, or of insignificant value at present. By the time it does or indeed get recognised in some areas, it may be too late
A lot of Cold War history is being destroyed at an alarming rate not only within the UK but also in other countries.

I would like to see more representation of our Cold War Heritage not only preserved, but also photographed and visited before its too late! (Not active sites).

UK sites such as Bloodhound, Thor missile sites would be nice.
The UK Civil Defence bunkers and HQ's (Not to be confused with UKWMO & ROC HQ's) are under represented, very few ever come up on any UE forums, they are out there

Some International (Cold war) sites would be nice to see on here Especially US Missile sites, Ex Soviet Command Bunkers etc.
Again they are out there people, lets get exploring more of our CW past

To help you in your mission (should you decide to embark) I will be adding a few stickys in regards to Good books to read on the Cold War, especially UK related. Most of them are in my private library so they come highly recommended.

UE encompasses many things But do your research on your chosen subject/visit, you will get a lot of enjoyment by finding out the historical content/context of the Cold War.

The way to Title your Report in this Section is:

Example: RAF/USAF Bentwaters September 2010

Then use the green arrow Icon for it to be classed as a Report.

Photos usual size, see General FAQ's for more details.

Thanks and enjoy the Forum