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    Post Best Cold War Photos!

    For all "Cold War" fans.
    Put up your best photo's that you have taken of any Cold War related stuff!
    This can be anything military or civilian related such as the Berlin Wall, memorials etc
    If we get enough I will start a poll for the best pic and the winner will get a "Cold War" prize

    Give a brief description of when & where the photo was taken and why you like it!

    I'll start the "ball rolling with some of my Fav's I recently took

    "Home from Home" for me! Both pics taken Oct 2010.
    Upper Heyford, barbed wire fences, and watch tower, classic Cold War images

    Northern Bomb store vent hides behind a chain link fence!
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    Default Re: Best Cold War Photos!

    Nice mate, I like it.

    Not great photos but I very much enjoyed my visit to Greenham Common's GLCM shelters, was probably the best moment of my exploring history.

    I also liked RAF Upwood and it tanks LOL

    An the lovely Vulcan is still an object of desire for me.

    Broughton Moor was insane in its scale

    I could go on LOL
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    Default Re: Best Cold War Photos!

    Great thread, unfortunately I dont have any cold war photies I am proud of enough to post here.

    Love the Vulcan KE
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