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    Arrow Ranks Hovis (Clarence Mill) Hull October 2010

    Been a while for me to get around this place but at last got there, myself and two fellow explorers got a glance around this what once was a very busy factory. Even came upon a pikey who kindy asked us what the hell were we doing in there then carried on distroying the place with his petrol powered circular saw and making enough noise that the whole of Hull could of heard him lol

    Brief history...
    Joseph Rank Open in this mill in 1875 under the name of Clarence Mill which stands on the banks of the river Hull. Hull own architect W. Alfred Gelder was in charge of the building works.
    During the years the company grew from strength to strength and Hull honoured Joseph Rank with the freedom of the city in 1935
    In 1943 Joseph Rank sadly died and his son James took over and became chairman of the company.
    There wooden machinery was never replaced but whilst during the peek, newer and more upto date mills and presses was installed.
    During the 2nd world war the mill suffered heavy damage along with Hull itself but that didnt stop production until 2nd December 2005 when at 2AM the machinery was switched off for the final time. The office remained open for a brief while but soon closed ending the Ranks history of flour prodcution in Hull.

    The original main mill

    The newer parts of the mill

    Finally some roof shots

    Thanks for looking
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    Default Re: Ranks Hovis (Clarence Mill) Hull October 2010

    Nice explore!

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    Default Re: Ranks Hovis (Clarence Mill) Hull October 2010

    Struggling to find time to explore at the moment, uni projects arebased in Hull this year! I think I see an explore coming on.....

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    Default Re: Ranks Hovis (Clarence Mill) Hull October 2010

    Exhalant stuff

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    Default Re: Ranks Hovis (Clarence Mill) Hull October 2010

    Machinery + pretty views = win!
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