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    Arrow RAF Greenham Common GLCM Area - 2009

    RAF Station Greenham Common is a former military airfield in Berkshire, England. Opened in 1942, it was used by both the Royal Air Force and United States Army (later Air) Force during World War II and the Cold War. After the Cold War ended it was closed in 1993.

    I visited here last year but had to take down my thread for various reasons. In the 1980s you could've been shot dead for standing where I am in these pictures. The three fences surrounding the remains are a formidable barrier but using my advanced Elvis Kung Fu techniques, I got past them LOL.

    Of all the places I have ever explored I found this one of the best. I was a nipper during the height of the Cold War back in the early 1980s and this place was always on the news. Not a place you see that often but I enjoyed it lots.

    Now sealed USA type control tower.

    Gates and abandoned car park.

    Signs warning of dire happenings if you dare to venture inside.

    Triple fences are still a formidable barrier.

    These are the QRA bunkers that the GLCM transporters were held in. In the event of a launch, they would drive via military escort to Sailsbury Common and unleash a holocaust on the Reds...scary though.

    Under the radar, over the top

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