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    Arrow Bucyrus-Erie 1150B Dragline, 11/10

    The Bucyrus-Erie Dragline 1150B was built in America in 1948 and was affectionately known as Oddball, from my understanding it was called this do to the transformer making weird and usual sounds that they could not fix. It served and worked America until around the late 50's and after that is was transported to South Wales to work on open cast mining then moved to South Yorkshire where it did its last job for Miller Mining. This is a beast of a machine and is HUGE, it weighs an incredible 1200 tons! It now stands in its final resting place near Swillington and is open every couple of days a year for people to visit.

    On with the pictures...

    The Jib is huge! And can move 20000 tons of shite a day, now thats a big Jib and believe me if there is one thing in life I know about that is Jib's!

    I did a little bit a climbing but Fowle did more...

    and finally me and Fowle next to the bucket, Im 6ft 3 and a bit but this bucket is loads taller!

    Thank you Fowle to follow sooooooooooon!

    "How come the compression is so bad on all those shots man? It looks like they've been edited with a Commodore 64." JST

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    Default Re: Bucyrus-Erie 1150B Dragline, 11/10

    Nice work, I spent a good hour or 2 climbing on oddball.

    In you're draglines.

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    Default Re: Bucyrus-Erie 1150B Dragline, 11/10

    id like to agree with you there geo but his pics are just fine and theres no way you will get us to climb over that fence again ! haha

    heres some of mine.....

    just for the sake of it.......

    as you may have noticed, none of my pics are of the main body of it, but clough covered that so well i thought i would give you are more detailed look at whats going on at the business end of this thing

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    Default Re: Bucyrus-Erie 1150B Dragline, 11/10

    nice pics fella.....not a bad drag line machine.......
    this might have come from the same machine !!!

    Found near Coniston Copper Mines...

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