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    Default Ebridge Mill, Norfolk. REPORT 29/12/2010

    Ebridge Mill also known as North Walsham Mill, this is a five storey high building. I believe the mill may go back to the late 1700s. During the early 1800s the mill worked in conjunction with Ebridge Tower Windmill on Mill Hill, producing flour, driving two pairs of French Burr stones. The Cubbitt and Walker family bought the mill in 1869 and it stayed with this family until 1998, it was then sold to Duffields and closed down. The Mill was fed by the defunct North Walsham to Dilham Canal. Many of the water ways and culverts still exist with running water. It is well worth a visit as much of the old belt pulleys still exists with the new mill machinery, the stairways are all timber and very rotten! Alot of the mill external buildings are being demolished, and there is a planning sign up proposing change of use into holiday lets, so there is much change to come.

    Thanks for looking, sorry about photo quality, time for a new camera!

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    Default Re: Ebridge Mill, Norfolk. REPORT 29/12/2010

    Some intresting features there mate ...good work
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    Default Re: Ebridge Mill, Norfolk. REPORT 29/12/2010

    Yes, nice stuff indeed. A place i would like to visit

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