Pool Park Hospital & Denbigh Hospital.

This was a day of two explores with nicola, minxy, sloth and the stig. We first went to the North Wales Hospital, we were only able to get a few snaps because after spotting some other explorers in the building, we heard old beardy's dog barking like mad, looking out of the windows, we saw him appearing to 'escort' people down a corridor. A few mins later we saw a guy in full combat gear armed with a rather large gun. Fearing coming face to face with either a large dog or a large gun wasn't on our to-do list so we decided to hide for a while, then leave.

On our way out we were spotted by the very same guy with the large gun, who decided to follow us. We made our exit before he was able to get to us though.

After leaving the North Wales Hospital, we headed for Pool Park Hospital, just outside of Ruthin.
After parking up, we headed over some fields, only to see that we had some company in the form of some rapidly approaching security cows. If cows see you running, they also run but we needed to get to the gate before they did, comedy ensued with getting to the gate a few seconds before the cows did, looking back to see the girls chaoticly hopping over the barbed wire fence!

The Security cows:

Pool Park House was once owned by Sir Walter Bagot, a prominent Staffordshire barrister, and was rebuilt in in its current incarnation between 1826-1829 as a residence for the second Lord Bagot. After eventually being sold to the Tate family (of Tate & Lyle), it was acquired by the North Wales Counties Mental Hospital and opened in 1937 to accommodate 87 patients for relief of overcrowding at the much larger and much more visited Denbigh Hospital. Its official designation was as a psychiatric convalescent home, and eventually closed in 1990. Planning documents were submitted some years ago for conversion into a 60-apartment residential home, but were rejected. It's now, sadly, in a poor interior state.
Pool Park is really quite a nice building, and has not suffered as much damage as Denbigh, yet has some damage, mainly in the nurses accomodation, where the floors were like jelly.


Everyone likes wood!

Lovely large rooms

The staircase is truely amazing, some bits missing off it now, but well worth the trip to see

Anyone want some slippers?

Thanks for looking!