This georgian mansion was built in the early 1770s with quite substantial land around it.
It was later the home of Wakefield born architect to the aristocracy John Carr, who bought it in 1789, changing its name to Carr Lodge.
It remained in the family for generations until it fell into disrepair. The council bought it to preserve its history and freed up the land as public parkland which has a play area, sports fields and landscaped gardens.

The council used it as swanky offices and rented out the rear extention part to a Vets.
It has also been the victim of vandalism time after time, as well as being used on occassion by junkies.

Eventually the council decided they'd put it up for sale but there was a public outcry, petitions were signed, support groups and funds were set up, protests were held and the idea was eventually scrapped. It then stood empty for a further 10yrs, becoming more and more decayed. Apparently the council spent over 2million on the site restoring the mansion to its former glory.

I photographed it several times over the years, since 1999 it's been pretty well secured with steel shutters over everything.
It has now been sold to a private bidder who plans to use it for residential purposes (this was originally not an option to buyers) and he also requested over 1000sq metres of public parkland be included. Again it has caused a public outcry, even more so as the council have refused to reveal details of the bid, the conditions of it and how much money was involved.

Basically the locals just let their dogs shit all over the grass anyway so all it really means is that there'll be 1000sq metres less to shit in.

There's some gorgeous interior features in here, on passing I noticed the front door open and I could hear workmen upstairs. 8yrs and there's an open door. Only one outcome here then...

Front Porchway

Side Shot of the east end!



Walking down the long entrance hall you're greeted with this gorgeous staircase. Each step is a seperate shaped slab of stone, stacked all the way to the top.

In one of the back rooms, I was feeling rather envious at the guy who has bought this place!

More stairs

Finally one leading up towards the rear extention of the house!
There were a lot of footsteps and chatter from whoever was in there so I did one.

I wasnt gonna bother putting this up but as its been something ive been eyeing up for years, an opportunities for opportunists dont come up that often!