I've noticed several people have visited this one recently only to be confronted with JCBs and a huge pile of breeze blocks that once was the West [Paediatrics] Surgical Wing, so I thought I'd post a few of when things were considerably more intact & the Victorian part of the West Wing hadn't had a good going over with a duster & Mister Sheen

The history of this place is well enough known methinks, so on with the pictures. Yes, I do use HDR - coz I'm arty farty & publishers like it - BUT hopefully you'll find it still within the realms of taste -

A couple of shots of the anesthesia room ceiling 'muriel' [yes, mural] adjoining Theatre 3 of the aforementioned Surgical Wing - I have not seen photgraphs of these anywhere else in the urbex world. I think they look like something from a BoC album cover - especially the sun & rainbow -

One of the anesthesia supplies from the same room - sadly missing it's fluorescent backplate, but hey [PS, the whole surgical wing was pitch black] -

Theatre 3 in all it's torchlit glory -

Moving into the old Victorian part, a minor surgical suite - well it had ceiling mounts for theatre lights, and several instrument & sterilization & recovery rooms on the same corridor. The blur outside of the gorgeous arch glass ceiling is heavy snow on the roof.

The legendary heatlamps next door from the above shot - they always were in this beautiful 'swan dance' position, until people started shifting them about for mock horror & gore shots after January 2010.

Pinging back downstairs for one of the completely dark x-ray suites. Whilst shooting this I heard an amorous nurse in the corridor who'd snuck into the disused part to arrange her weekend bedroom antics with 'Darren' by mobile. I kid you not. My torch was doused, my breathe held, whilst I waited in the shadows for naughty nursey to return to her bedpans.

...and now 'the goods', the infamous iron lung, hidden in a store room in the old A&E dept - probably my best find, ever. I believe I was one of the first to see it.

Finally, a shot of yours truly. I planned this self portrait [tripod / timer] after my first visit. The white coat & [sterile] syringe were found props, whilst the gasmask, surgical gloves and black tea in the syringe were my own. Taken in one of the recovery rooms of the old Victorian Wing.

I hope you enjoyed this whistle-stop tour of some of the finer points of LCH that are either now demolished, or spoilt by subsequent visitors... oh, and don't have nightmares. I don't do house calls...

PS - I really must pop back and do a few exteriors whilst the lovely Victorian balconies are still up.