Hey everyone, like i said in my 'say hello' post, i walk past LCH everyday and get to see the rate that they are demolishing the building at. The speed at which the demolition is taking place forced me into going for an explore, it seemed to be now or never. I waited for the workmen to go home before i entered which meant that it was dark inside and out. The lack of light made the explore a little difficult but fun I don't want to start making excuses but i'm not a good photographer and it was dark

I'm sure you've all read the history on the place on another thread so on with the pictures:

(1) - Quick shot of a JCB as i left

(2) - There seemed to be wires and stuff hanging down all over the place

(3) - looking down






(9) - Taken from the roof

(10) - Looking back inside from the roof

Thanks for looking - I hope my first effort wasn't too bad