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    Default re ROC Post Hawkshead Cumbria March 2011

    Do you think this report should go Non Public?
    This is only a follow up to King Elvis's report of 19/09/2009 ,I went for a few days holiday to the lakes last week and had sunshine all the week something of a miracle in the lakes!
    ROC Hawkshead as King Elvis said is in a lovely spot overlooking the churchyard ,still can't get in but someone has cut metal hasp on one side leaving padlock not securing anything and the other side is only held by two basic padlocks interlocked,but could easily be knocked off ,making this ROC very vunerable because the main lock is not functioning now and you can lift the lid about 2 inches and I was able to get shot down the shaft. On thinking about it maybe it can be locked I don't know if it works or not,it needs an english key.
    I don't know if anyone knows anybody down there who could make it more secure,I have Emailed nick catford so he knows.

    See right hand side hasp is cut padlock just sitting there

    Building in corner was WW2 lookout post

    Of course what every explorer should have with them apart from a torch is some string,I could then have done a FSM camera type shot down the shaft,that is if I knew how to work the timer on my camera !
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