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    Arrow Billington Bros Garage, Conwy - April 2011

    There was once a time when, if you lived in the Conwy area and your car needed an MOT or maybe a service, or perhaps there was a funny knocking sound coming from the engine when you did over 30mph on a right hand bend, you would head immediately and without hesitation for Billington Bros Garage. You would leave your car with them safe in the knowledge that they were consummate professionals with your best interests at heart, and they would fix your car efficiently, cheerfully and without wolf whistling at passing ladies. None of this dodgy scratching of chins and 'oooh, it's not going to be cheap... probably need a new klystron oscillator in there... and, ooh, I don't like the look of the helmholtz flux gate, that'll have to be replaced...' But, times were tough, the recession did its receding thing, and the Merry Band of Billington Brothers shut up shop.

    Just last week, the local news reported that:

    ONE of the biggest eyesores in Conwy could finally be demolished by the summer.

    Muller Property Holdings, owners of the dilapidated Llanrwst Road site, have lost their appeal against Conwy County Councilís demolition order at Llandudno Magistrates Court, and have to pay £4,000 costs to the authority.

    Last October Conwy served a notice requiring the demolition of the building and clearance of the site, and the Cheshire-based property developer appealed against it.

    They now have less than three weeks to appeal against the district judgeís decision. If they donít lodge another appeal, the notice will take a month to take effect, and the company will have another month to comply with it. If they donít comply, Conwy Council could step in to demolish the former garage itself, and would charge Muller for the work.
    I think it's totally unfair to call the place an eyesore. Have a look for yourselves:

    On the left, the magnificent, imposing beauty of the Billington Bros garage. On the right, the sad, crumbling and pitiful remains of Conwy Castle. Let's go inside, shall we?

    Yes. I know what you're thinking, and the answer is yes. That is a jetski. We'll get another look at in a minute.

    So, there we are. I know we don't normally discuss security here, but if you are interested in visiting, please note that the place is guarded fiercely by two very angry swans. The good thing about having angry swans as security guards is that they won't try and get you to delete your photos and they don't have a dog; the bad thing about them is that they will take great pleasure in breaking your legs.

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    Default Re: Billington Bros Garage, Conwy - April 2011

    I always love your reports - great job and I think you should mount a campaign to save the mighty Billington Bros Garage!

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    Default Re: Billington Bros Garage, Conwy - April 2011

    ^^ hear hear, hear hear and hear hear
    Life's too short to suck a mushroom

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    Default Re: Billington Bros Garage, Conwy - April 2011

    Brilliant mate

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