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    Default Liverpool 3/3, Dude where is my ride - 2011

    After I left big restroom, I checked building next to it which was a little bit burn, I enter the wall and saw 2 doors.
    I'm thinking left or right. Right. I open right door and in one second half ceiling fall on my head.
    GAME OVER. Do you want to continue from last check point.
    Luckily it wasn't so bad, I was still in quite good shape so I go threw left as right doors were blocked now. ;P (Sometimes I feel like I have more life's then cat)
    I checked almost all building except one room which was totally black inside and I didn't have torchlight, but who take it when he go buy grocery.
    I even found some mad stuff inside :P

    Pictures look like crap, but as i said before I was walking only with small compact.

    That's the last building I entered in Liverpool. But it's still not bad for 3 days sightseeing
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