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    Arrow El Janubio Salt works. Lanzarote Report 06.11.08

    El Janubio Salt works. Lanzarote
    Salinas de Janubio Lanzarote in Spanish

    This is a fantastic place! and so much better than I was expecting. Me and Snopea went to have a looksie and this is what we saw....

    Abandoned pump house and windmills

    Salt takes its toll on the connecting rod of the windmill

    Inside the pump house

    Machine bed.

    Salt corrosion.

    Yours truly, 'scuse the legs!

    Abandoned salt pans

    Wonder whats in here....?


    English pump machinery in Lanzarote!

    Salt grinders


    A right old boiler....! (think I've used that joke before..... )

    Inlet pipes to the pump house.

    Mini camper van

    Part of the operational salt works..

    Well worth a look if your ever over there on holiday. I'd recommend the island as it has some great architecture and not all of it is full of fat Brits in tight clothes falling over pissed!

    Thanks for looking
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