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    Arrow "Along the Rails" - Verney Junction - The Return 17/5/11 Report

    It had been a year since I filed my last report of "Along the Rails"
    On this trip I focused on Verney Junction it self!
    We start at the pub
    Sadly one of the most 'out of the way' pubs in Buckinghamshire, The Verney Arms, closed its doors back in September 2010. it was Built by Lord Verney, of the Verney Estate, and sub let to the Aylesbury Brewery Co. Eventually it changed hands over the years but even today its still owned by the Verney Estate.

    Its history can be traced back to the original setting up of Verney Junction, by the Metropolitan Railway back in 1868. it was then called Station hotel. The hotel was built along with stables so that passengers could be picked up from the station and transported back to the hotel. The expansion of Verney Junction, into a small town (Metro Land) never materialised, and only a few railway cottages were ever built, along with the hotel/pub. The station along with the line closed to passenger traffic back in 1968.

    Beneath the clean lines, 'The Verney Arms' interior has been completely stripped out, mostly due to a burst pipe which went unchecked for months, causing massive flood damage within

    The sign has been pulled down and now lays on its side

    Onto the station now Not much remains only the platforms.

    Somewhere under the undergrowth there are three platforms

    The level crossing warning sign! Nature has taken this line back.

    As you head out of the station, the undergrowth gets very dense As nature takes hold its a haven for the local wildlife

    The trackbed along with rails is still in place but that has not stopped local people ripping it up in places? The wooden sleepers along with the track have dissappeared in places!

    Its not much of an explore! But it was a nice sunny day, by a nice disused railway
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    Default Re: "Along the Rails" - Verney Junction - The Return 17/5/11 Report

    Love this stuff. Thanks for putting it up.

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