On the flying field there are several buildings that are now occupied by small industries One such building is the former HQ of the 55th Tactical Fighter Squadron.
Most of the buidings on site have been empty since the USAF pulled out in 1994 and have fallen into a bad state of disrepair.
This building however has been occupied more or less since it changed into civilian hands. And because of this has been maintained to an excellent standard and contains a lot of original equipment which is still in situ.

Some nice Wall Art still exists in the building and is well maintained and respected by the occupying company

Original squadron bar area, in as original condition when the USAF pulled out in 1994. Well maintained and very clean.

Original photo of the 55th squadron shelter Operations, when the USAF was in residence circa 1993, prior to closure.

Same location as above! only circa 2011. Not much has changed

Original Hot Line!

De-con showers with original signage

Apologies for the yellow photos, but its the lighting inside the bunker
Thanks for looking