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    Default Oriental City Shopping Centre - Colindale - May 2011

    Oriental City was a shopping centre in Colindale, London specialising in various oriental foods and items. It is located on Edgware Road

    The centre contained a large oriental supermarket, and a food court with a range of foods from different areas of South-East Asia; stalls offered Malaysian, Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean and Japanese. The food court was immensely popular with surrounding office workers and the North London community; and often became very crowded at weekends

    Aside from the food outlets, the centre also previously housed an import game shop, a Sanrio store, and one of the largest oriental bookshops in Europe, called Asahiya Shoten. In the period shortly before the centre closed down, shoppers could find a tailor's shop, a jeweller, a hairdresser, a beauty shop, Chinese medicine shops, a martial arts store, and a large furniture store. Oriental City was also host to a Sega Dome arcade

    Planning application was submitted on the 8th June 2010 to demolish the shopping centre, here are some snippets from the proposal...

    1. Redevelopment for mixed-use purposes,with a replacement Oriental City to include a Sui Generis amusement arcade and separately a new B & Q and bulky goods store and a health & fitness studio which together should provide 500 jobs

    2. 520 residential units (comprising 1-, 2- and 3-bedroom flats, 4% being affordable) located in eight blocks rising to 3, 6, 9 and 18 storeys

    3. A nursery and primary school for 480 children

    4. 1,098 car-parking spaces

    The Oriental City in its hey day

    Right, on with the photos.....

    The menu at The Hunan Restaurant. I'll have the number 24 with a number 53 on the side, Fried Frog with Pig Ear in Special Sauce!!! Nom Nom!!!

    Visited with, wait for it... Skeleton Key, Priority 7, Trog, Wevsky, Silver Rainbow, Space Invader, Obscurity and a non member called Ben. Yup 9 of us mooching around the shopping centre, it was like it was open again
    The rest of my photos are here..........
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    Arrow Oriental city shopping centre, Colinwood, May 2011

    Good little explore this one, all was going well till secca appeared with dogs and got us escorted off site by police
    Visited with Nelly, Skeleton Key, Msaunder1972, Non Member Ben, Troglodyte, Priority Seven, Wevsky, SpaceInvader and Obscurity.

    Nelly has more than covered the History on this one so straight on with the Pics

    Thanks to Nelly and the guys for pointing this one out

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    Default Re: Oriental City Shopping Centre - Colindale - May 2011

    Right scrappy i havnt posted on this as of yet ,same visit as just a few of mine..before we got chased out by secca with dogs and one of who had a baseball bat to be met by beware its no walk in the park.

    Was a mental day guys..explore beer fail tho!!

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