The "DEBS" bunker lays within its own barbed wire fenced compound within the flying field. The bunker is of the semi-hardened type. Entrance is gained via a dog leg corridor (radiation proof) and two small blast doors before gaining entrance into the central Comms room. Three heavy standby generators for air filtration and emergency power are located in separate rooms off to the sides of the Central Comms room. The Generators have all been removed
The internal rooms are heavily protected by metal fire doors.

There are little remains today of what it originally would have looked like Left behind however is one central Comms frame The room would have originally been full of these, judging by the remains of the bolts on the floor. A room off to the side contains several banks of Submarine batterys for a further power backup!

The power cables coming into this building are big! The out going Comms cables went underground and also up to a central Comms Tower located in the compound.

Its purpose was for Comms to RAF Strike Command, High Wycombe and NATO Command, Europe.

The rear of the DEBS Bunker. The door in the side is one of three for generator removal etc.
The buildings importance can be gained by the fact that its located within its own barbed wire compound, which in turn is located within the security of the flying field

The entrance is located to the rear of the building with a dog leg corridor and two blast doors - outer and inner!

The only remaining Comms bank! remaining in the building, the entire floor would have originally been filled out with these

The whole building is heavily earthed appropriatly It also had its own HALON fire system, along with air condition for the heat generated by the electrical equipment.

Banks of Submarine batterys still on standby still topped up and connected!

Out going Comms cables dissappear under the ground in a deep internal trench!

If the three internal generators fail an external generator can be hooked up via this massive plug lead!

External Comms tower with transmitting cables coming out of the building I am sure the views from the top are terrific, but I did not like that ladder

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