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    Arrow Sewer Skank, Manchester June 2011.

    SSSI Sewer Overflow

    I went for a solo visit here sometime last year, but after having broke my tripod on the way in I struggled to get any decent shots

    None of us were feeling it on this occasion either, Note to Self: I won't be going back

    We even had a run in with the Police on the way out, was funny listening to MJS explaining away with his pictures what we were upto

    An unassuming brick pipe in the Moss Brook is home to one of Manchesters finest shit-holes

    Once inside the near 6ft brick pipe draped in all manner of grime twists and turns through stale air eventually winding it's way up to the storm overflow chamber

    It's here that 2 big trunk sewers merge into one big sea of turds, the only thing seperating us from the fresh was a 4ft barrier before it disappeared under a huge penstock

    If your adventourous enough for a mooch you can climb up some rungs for a look at the penstock controls in the smaller brick chamber above the sewer

    It even has it's own heater to keep the controls from getting damp

    At the opposite end there is a ladder down to another small chamber that allows access to the opposite side of the sewer, at best you can stand here and watch the turds overtaking

    Not the cleanest of places but still a worthy effort if your into this sort of shit

    Shouts to WB & MJS for hitting this one up with me

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    Default Re: Sewer Skank, Manchester June 2011.

    Nice mate, wish I climbed all the way up now rather than just pop my head up!

    The only half decent picture of mine...

    Mr Bacon - "What you doing lads"
    Me - "Taking photos of the river"

    Mr Bacon looks around confused, no river to be seen....
    Mr Bacon - "What do you mean, what for?"

    Me - "It's a hobby"

    Mrs Bacon - "What!??
    Mr Bacon - "Have you got a camera on you then!?"

    Bet they thought they'd heard some excuses in their time!!

    Go back to the car and dig out camera. Show him the first picture which is Wood Burner stood smiling in the chamber, reluctant to show the rest as we weren't meant to be there! And that was the only shot that looked like a 'culvert' as opposed to sewer!

    Mr Bacon "Go on then, what else you got on there"

    I quickly flicked through, hoping he wouldn't realise it was the sewer, sayin "it's just where the river goes under the road round the back there"

    Then some pics of Echo Falls came up from earlier, and I explained that was earlier in the day to which he replied...

    "All right, I buy it....."

    phew haha
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