Turtle CSO, Bradford

Nothing spectacular, just a sewer overflow, part of the Esholt system on it's way to the shitworks

MJS used to splash about in here as a kid. After having heard about for over a year now, it's just one of those holes I've just not got around to having a mooch in

Whilst I was in the area, I finally decided to sniff some shit, imagine my surprise when I bumped into MJS walking home from work near the outfall

He didn't need much convincing, so without further a-do off we went, myself, MJS and a mate...

Climbing in/out was jokes

Next up a long stoop up a 1M RCP FFS

After wrecking spineZ we arrived at the first of 2 staircases,

Moar stooping and spinal failZ we arrived at the second staircase, (the only real features along the way in here)

Ahead another shorter pipe which led into a screening/storm overflow chamber

I climbed up onto the gantry for a quick look at the trunk sewer, before a quick mooch inside the processor

Thats all folks!