Hey everybody

I have explored the Odeon more times than I can
remember, and taken loads of pictures over the last
few months.

This report is made up of photos taken on several
visits. My pics aren't always good, but I tried my best and picked the half decent ones

I've already posted some history in another report,
so on with the pics...

A sign:

Some kind of machine, any ideas people?

Sorry people, but my camera is rubbish, and it is
very difficult for me to get decent photos in the


Some kind of promo ticket:

Projection suite:


Down the stairs:

Me sat in the small bar in the basement:

Pretty wrecked lower floor (and a bad shot too, admittedly)

A cave in that must of happened about a month or so

Some rather cheery cartoons contrast with the
darkness and decay on the lower levels:

The rooftops were a highlight of my visits:


This pic is one of my favourites:

Maid Marian way:

In the tower above the main auditorium, lots of
cables were hanging down:

Me with my exploring buddy on the facade above Angel

Old Market Square not far away:

Anyway, thats all for now people