Draperstown post is famous as 'The post that the IRA attacked'. In 1986 the IRA dropped a firebomb down the FSM pipe and burnt most of the inside of the post, although not a total loss, 31 ROC HQ decided to abandon the post and reopen the post at Castledawson in its place.

The post still had all its equipment inside (including the BPI, GZI, Carrier Receiver, FSM Dome) and although it was a bit smoke damaged it was all in one piece, most of this equipment was still inside the post right up until 2001 when Nick Catford visited, then it strangley vanished! The GZI recently turned up in Scotland on a restored post, I don't think I need to say who the owner had bought it from. Draperstown cost £1,423 to build in 1959.

The remains of the Orlit can be seen behind the entrance shaft.

Can you guess what this once was?

Heres one in better condition.