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    Arrow 1800's County Jail, Northern New England USA

    This report, pictures and words, is from the Stooges: Niteskye,
    Moss Man and Captain Jack.
    This place lies  well off the beaten track and is only known to a few
    Only our unique entry skills allowed us to break into jail.

    The jail was built in 1869 just after the US Civil War, when prison meant punishment.
    It was last used in the early 70’s. Because of its small rooms and massive
    masonry construction it was not suitable for conversion to other uses.
    The cell block has sat vacant ever since. An old post card
    shows the jail and some other buildings, long gone. The one to the rear
    a shoe manufacturing plant where the more trustworthy inmates could work
    during the day. Even the drudgery of factory work must have been a welcome
    break from the tiny cramped airless cells in the jail.


    It’s solid…. thick brick and stone walls with steel doors and reinforcements.



    The 3 story two sided brick and steel cell block has 10, (4 person) cells on each tier.   
    At one end are 5 somewhat larger more deluxe cells. At capacity well over 100 people
    had their freedom curtailed inside these walls.



    The cells are small. No larger than a modest homes bathroom. Ceiling of brick
    And steel so low I could just barely stand up in the center. Each one could hold
    4 prisoners.  They are so small with such a small door that I had to do a little photo
    shopping to put two sides together Photo shopped or not this is an accurate representation
    of the size of the room. No windows either, just a door.



    There where 4 slightly larger cells on one end each with a small barred window.
    These windows are visible on the right side of the first picture.
    Deluxe metal beds.
    Better accommodations for celebrity prisoners?






    This safe like door had an additional 2 metal locking cross bars. It opened into the “recreation area” which contained the support structure for what must have been a well used punching bag




    This rounded door was cool. After unlocking a safe like solid steel door
    The guard could stay behind this half round iron cage and get a look at
    what was going on.

    . Niteskye contemplating incarceration.

    The ever defiant Moss Man

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