This buildling has a long chequred history and dates from the early days of the Royal Flying Corps built in 1920 it passed through into RAF and then USAF use over the succeeding years. Its internal oppulance is one of grandour and what one comes to expect of flying officers quarters and entertainment facilities!

The building has been altered over time as extensions were added to the rear to accomodate primarily US personnel etc. Up until 1994 the building was in constant use, but when the USAF pulled out of the base, the building went into decline when the heating and power were turned off, and the cold and damp set in

As a result today the building has fallen into disrepair on a grand scale and in parts is in a sorry state with wooden floors removed due to dry rot and damp and the once oppulent dance hall looking very sorry for itself. Indeed in parts if it was not for the carpet supporting me, I would have gone through the floor boards, because as I walked around I felt the floor give way beneath me

During its period many famous artists performed on the dance hall's stage for both RAF and USAF personnel etc. To walk within the hallowed walls of such a famous building was a unique experience indeed The building is listed by English Heritage and indeed is down at some point to be refurbished into a private school if it ever happens though is another thing?
On with the pics:

An early photo of the CO's Club circa 1950's. Note the american estate car parked up

Same location 2011. The tree's and canopy staging over the front entrance were added around 1970, by the USAF

The building had an upgrade under USAF tenancy with the addition of officers living accomodation above and the installation of double glazing!

One of three bar/dance halls! This one was a later addition and built onto the back of the building by the USAF Its in a better condition than the other two

Typical visiting USAF squadrons left there markers as they visited the O club's bar!

Leaving the modern bar area behind we now enter the main part of the buildling. Parkay flooring and Chandaliers galore!

The main Dance Hall and stage where many famous artists performed over the years The floor in this area is very unstable and rotten to the core!

Entering the side corridors and stepping down 2 feet below Floor level (the floor was removed due to dry rot)!

With the floor removed! Heating pipes etc are exposed. The cashier's counter was added by the yanks to get there Dollars for the slot machines that were around the building.

This was a side bar that the pilots use to have wild partys in apparently after coming back from a mission! The carpets are original quality British Axminster Yeh!

The Kings Cliffe Room was an impressive select room! Only the invited got into here

Err! Well it use to be impressive

"Victory By Valor" (They never could spell valour correctly) USAF stone fire place!

Thanks for looking