Nocton Hall is a historic listed building in the village of Nocton, in Lincolnshire, England. Originally constructed for the Ellys family, it burnt down in 1834 and was rebuilt in 1841 for the first Earl of Ripon, who lived at the steward's house in Nocton while the house was being built. The US Army's 7th General Hospital was based at Nocton Hall during World War Two.

The frontage of Nocton Hall, an imposing ruin indeedly!! Looks like a stone skeleton standing amongst a sea od Buddleia bushes and butterflies!!

The front of the hall.

side view of Hall itself, the famous shelters are underneath, IN THE DARK!!!!!, well sort of anyhow!! lol!

Underneath the hall are a series of, well Air Raid Shelters. The USAAF commondered the hall as their headquarters in 1942.

A lonely chair and table, relics from a bygone age, .. I love pieces like this still in situ.

Derelict boilers!! mmmm!!,.. you gotta love 'em!!

Ok here we are now in the 7th American Army Air force hospital behind the hall proper. It was a 740 bed military hospital built in a rather severe style yet not without a certain character of it's own. Lods of rubber strewn across the floor here, luckily no fetishists in sight!!. On closer inspection these appeared to be spent hospital gowns.

Nocton is a most of you will know, the site of one of the longest urbex corridors in urbexdom, around half a mile long!!

Colour coded walkway to nowhere. Trashed and fooked, this place was a true ruin if ever there was one.

Bloody grit ole fewl tanks bor!!!!

Another shot of the longest urbex corridor.

And finally a close up of the colourcoded walkway system denoting the seperate departments. This place must have been a real hive of activity. Well that's me done folks, hope you din't moind me a wofflin' on.... I loved this explore. As usual, comments are most welcome.