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    Arrow Trafford Town Hall Nuclear Bunker Manchester.

    Here's a few pics that were taken of the nuclear bunker under my local town hall.
    I found it after exploring the upper floors. This was my favorite part of the explore though, loved it.

    The steps leading down to the bunker.

    The thick re enforced concrete doors on all the entrances.

    There were loads of corridors lined with thick steel doors, lots were still locked though.

    The generator.

    And control panel.

    Parts of the water treatment facility.


    Home Office communication equipment.

    Massive store rooms. (maybe for food etc?)

    Not sure what this was for, maybe something to do with the air filtration system?

    The ducting seemed to lead to the outside.

    Theres a morgue down here somewhere but sadly I didn't manage to find it, the place was huge.

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    Default Re: Trafford Town Hall Nuclear Bunker Manchester.

    Classic Cold War Bunker Looks like you got in there just ahead of the demolition team, good on you Most Council's in the 1980's rebuilt there old Civil Defence bunkers as part of CW II! The Thatcher/Reagan era! The Government put aside a vast amount of money to upgrade existing bunkers or have new ones built. Some Council's did not take part and like Manchester declared themselves a Nuclear free Zone If the CW had gone Hot, the fallout from neighbouring towns would by pass the towns that were Nuclear free....Simple's..Duh!!

    Plenty of propaganda was floating around in the 1980's. Here's a few from my collection

    Here is one before Manchester went Nuclear Free! Spooky looking 1950's CD Warden
    Nuclear Bunker & Fallout Shelter Cleaning Specialist. One Mushroom Cloud will keep your bunker, radiant and shiney for years! Ring us now for specialist advice

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