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    Arrow Flour Mill, Krushevo, Bulagaria, August 2001

    Visited with half the bloody village again....

    Entry to this was hilarious - I had to ask the mayor to gain entry - she promptly asked someone at the local pub to show me around - queue half the village having a ganders trying to explain everything in Bulgarian to!

    I did however love this place and felt as though I had found a little mini George Barnsley's right here in Bulgaria.

    Anywho - what I could glean from the locals is thus: It opened in 1932 and shut down in 2000 - I have to say I was disappointed - after having a wander round it looked like it had shut down much earlier judging by the machinery. It produced bread products for the village and was the site of some partisan action during WW2 - apparently the owners of the mill hid partisans from the fascists during the war. Bulgaria originally sided with the Germans before changing alliances.

    You can still see the original flour mill stones sat outside...

    I have done my best to translate this - although my Bulgarian is not brilliant: "In this place on the 14th September 1942 the first partisan fight/action took place in Sevlievo"

    The office..

    Some of the machinery still left...

    Thanks for looking

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