Its been a long time since I posted! So I will post up some of the latest findings at UH

There are 22 pillboxes dotted around the whole 1,200 acre site and they protect the airfield itself. Located within the perimeter fence they provided defence against a possible Soviet Spetsnaz Parachute assault if the CW had got Hot!

Part of the airfield defences was also provided by RAF 19 Regiment, in the form of several Rapier Missile batterys which were located on the flying field.
The remains today are still visible, and indeed on pulling back the undergrowth we started to unearth the remains of a trench system. (this will require further investigation and a dig).

Located up on a ridge and hidden from view within a tree line is a trench line that incorporates a pillbox, dugouts, a Rapier/radar defence position and some small, but collapsed tunnels.

The standard US pillbox 4 walls and a roof that were craned into position, there is no inner blast wall.

The remains of the revetment where the Rapier/Radar tracker was located. The shelters in the distance are the QRA area.

Located further up on the ridge is the remains of the Rapier missile revetment. The missile trailer was located below the drum line. The oil drums are filled with concrete to give added protection. Note the hole in the centre drum. This is deliberate and gave a makeshift small arms, arc of fire forward??

Further along the ridge line another Rapier position, complete with treadway.

Part of the back filled trench line that still exists, note the barbed wire entanglement poles.

Found in the trench line was this ammunition box still filled with loose ammo cartridges!!

A small entrance into part of the collapsed trench system. We don't think this is big, more like an underground small munitions storage area?

Poking a camera down in the entrance reveals a collapsed tunnel.

This area will have to be investigated a bit more during the winter when the udergrowth dies back a bit

Further along the tree line there are other pillboxes hiding in the undergrowth.

Inside there were originally photos placed on each firing slit showing the arc of fire! This is the only one that remains.

A close up of the remaining photo It reveals how the undergrowth has grown up since this pic was taken!

Thats it for now, thanks for looking