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    Arrow Sowerby Bridge ROC Post - (Yorkshire Group) - October 2008

    1991 Closure

    Up a public foorpath in the middle of a field, the post is guarded by very friendly cows who were my audience for this visit.

    The reason this one is not done very often is the very stiff Torlift hatch which also has extra metal plating round the whole of the access hatch. I have now properly oiled the mechanism so anyone with a correct key can get in. It is however locked again so you will need a key.

    Inside the post is dry and clean and has quite a bit remaining. Chairs, telecoms and even some tools on the tool board.

    Anyway, here are the pics. The post is on a wonky hill so the first pic is not on the slant LOL

    My audience

    A proper look at a Torlift hatch for those interested

    Inside the post

    Upshaft shot

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