What a fine house this must have been its heyday, it’s set over 3 floors with each floor containing plenty of rooms. It has at least 6/7 bedrooms on the upper floors and a large conservatory on the rear of the property.
There are outbuildings to the side and evidence of a shop being there at sometime. It’s set in acres of land with an orchard, it’s a shame to see such a grand place rotting away.To the rear is an old tip which

Georgie pointed out a old tip behind it with old pottery and bottles evident.
Surprisely unable to find any info on the place, although I get the impression it was a business on some point.Would love to know the history of this place.
By the look of the lovely eye catching wallpaper it has been empty quite a few years.

Since we were closeby we decided to take a look,tbh it wasnt bad at all.There is evidence there was people living rough here at some point.

The highlight was the retro wallpaper

Visited with the "Man with no name" Aka Georgie

Nice carpet to go with the wallpaper

Nice heater for the winter

Remains of the one of the kitchens with the "Do It All" label paint

Rear kitchen remains me of a scullery minus the slab

Nice wallpaper!!

The old cellar



The large Hornets nest someone had beat me to demolishing it

The old shop building.

Good prices?

The old crest on the front of the house

Plus potential good digs in the old tip behind?