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    Arrow WHITTINGHAM ASYLUM (4th Lancashire Couty Asylum) 2011 - First Report

    Well, here's my first report for this forum, hope you enjoy it.
    Picking just 12 shots from this massive site was particularly tricky, but I think these are some of the best from the day.
    1) Female ward block - if you assume the fence is head-height, that gives some idea of the size of this behemoth.

    2) First shot of the day, was so pleased to finally crack this place, as it was a 2nd attempt and demolition looms on the horizon.

    3) As with most asylums, its miles and miles of corridor, some pretty sturdy like this one, some riddled with holes and rotting wood with who-knows-what beneath.

    4) One of the many small private rooms.

    5) Henry Littler's solid, dour architecture looms through a hole in a corridor ceiling.

    6) A rare intact item of furniture awaits its fate - a builder's skip.

    7) This calendar became redundant exactly one year before the asylum.

    8) The building itself enclosed its own airing courts, like this one, with a covered walkway.

    9) Radiators in a day-room.

    10) The once-smooth and wheelchair-friendly corridors are now more like mountaineering.

    11) Here's another to reinforce the point made with last previous image.

    11) Whittingham closed after the 1995 Xmas party, hence the tattered decorations still blowing in the breeze.
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