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    Arrow Beetham tower west Liverpools highest building, Dec 2011

    Had two visits here with Maybenot1330 and one visit with Image hound tagging along, On our first visit it was just too damn windy to get a sharp picture so a second visit was needed.
    after we left the roof We discovered that we had got locked in the service stairwell but thanks to maybenots costco card and his car key he managed to get us back into the lobby on both occasions. After our first visit we sat in the bar on the 34th floor and necked a few bottles of peroni at the bar, we blended in because we dressed smart casual and had laptop bags instead of our rucksacks.

    On with some pictures and Thankyou to Gone for his valuable info
    Blurb shamelessly stolen from maybenot 1330
    With a spire height of 140 metres (459 ft) and 40 floors, West Tower is Liverpoolís tallest building, the 18th tallest in the United Kingdom (third tallest outside of London) and the 83rd tallest in the European Union. The building commands views across the city, over the Mersey to the Wirral and as far as Blackpool on a clear day. The first five floors are the new headquarters for the Beetham Organization and the remaining floors, apart from the 34th, have been divided into luxury apartments and penthouses.

    The tower viewed from the wirral(taken from beethams website) the yellow crane can be seen on top of the tower

    Imagehound on top of the tower looking across the mersy towards wirral, the yellow thing is the windowcleaners crane as seen in the picture above.

    Looking towards scotty road and the big carpark is toys are us and costco

    a business meeting was going on in the other tower lots of suits around a big table

    looking over the liver buildings towards chester

    The wirral from 500ft

    the weather thing was throwing a fit, radio city tower can be seen in the distance

    maybenot1330 on the crane

    looking towards Liverpool city centre

    Towards walton.everton

    thanks for looking
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