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    Default First experiences

    Hi all,

    Firstly, i do apologise if this has been posted before. Feel free to delete if it has!

    Im wondering what situation led people to getting into the "urbex" hobby in the first place?

    I always find these stories to be fascinating.

    My two pence below:

    It all started for me when a particularly inquisitive friend of mine invited me to have a wander around an active quarry in essex. It was a peaceful wander on a Sunday afternoon and i was startled at the change in landscape each time we returned.

    Whilst there, he was discussing another venture that he and another friend had done, telling tales of travelling underneath a village sized complex in tunnels.

    The more he told, the more excited i got about it and i eventually persuaded him to take me to it.

    The place he was talking about was Severalls Hospital

    He was in no better word a paranoid scardy cat, but it did make for good fun creeping around the perimeter fields avoiding "spotlights" that were never really there.

    We never properly got into the site until the 2nd or 3rd attempt, but ive been fascinated with it since!

    He doesnt get involved with me in Urban Exploring any more, but i do have him to thank as id have never looked into it - or at least not for quite some time

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    Default Re: First experiences

    ditto - reckon its already been done but for us noobs lets do it again!

    my first experience? i was 16, summer holidays, supposed to be revivsing for GCSE's - that didnt happen, until last minute! not been the most uber socialable of people, i spent the majority of my time wondering round outside aimlessly. i loved it though spending all day outside

    mostly id find the usual mix of fly tipping, burnt out cars or the very small piles of bricks in some woods of something that mightve been there. Until one random day i happen to be very stupid, and started wondering around the local gypsy site! id heard stories of people going in there and not exactly getting a "warm welcome" shall we say! but me, being very special and slow, took no heed. i got a couple of guys walking straight up to me and first thing that came into my head was "looking for my dog!"

    blah blah blah walked around the back then came across a house and thought ..."wtf" the place was gutted. in a good way though. EVERYTHING was there. i went upstairs into the bedrooms, one bedroom had a hole in the roof - but ALL the kids stuff was there, clothes, toys, school books, you name it, it was there, even the sheets and duvet on the bed. it was just trashed, windows smashed, and looked liked it had been ransacked then left to decay.

    it was very cool but alas that was prior to cameras + phones combining. i wanted to see more, so started walking round consciously aware of anything thats ruined. i found afew more places, this time taking a small cheapo digicam with me (NOTHING in comparison to my epic camera now though! :P)

    blah blah blah again nothing else came of it until at work i mentioned it and someone said "lets find somewhere to go then" - next thing im at Selby mushroom farm high on urberxing :P now i cant enough of anything thats abandonded!

    if anybody read this then fuck me you guys got patience skills!

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    Default Re: First experiences

    My first explores take me back to the village that I grew up in, its fair to say we had our fair share of grand derelict buildings during the 80s! The first building I became fascinated with was Hatfeild Hall, destroyed by fire in 1987 it soon became the playground of all the local kids. I took every opportunity to explore the hall with its gothic architecture and impressive outbuildings. There was just something about the 400 year old hall with grand oak panelling, decorated ceilings and creepy cellars that kept me hooked throughout my childhood. The photo below was taken by my cousin back in the day

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