Hi all,

Firstly, i do apologise if this has been posted before. Feel free to delete if it has!

Im wondering what situation led people to getting into the "urbex" hobby in the first place?

I always find these stories to be fascinating.

My two pence below:

It all started for me when a particularly inquisitive friend of mine invited me to have a wander around an active quarry in essex. It was a peaceful wander on a Sunday afternoon and i was startled at the change in landscape each time we returned.

Whilst there, he was discussing another venture that he and another friend had done, telling tales of travelling underneath a village sized complex in tunnels.

The more he told, the more excited i got about it and i eventually persuaded him to take me to it.

The place he was talking about was Severalls Hospital

He was in no better word a paranoid scardy cat, but it did make for good fun creeping around the perimeter fields avoiding "spotlights" that were never really there.

We never properly got into the site until the 2nd or 3rd attempt, but ive been fascinated with it since!

He doesnt get involved with me in Urban Exploring any more, but i do have him to thank as id have never looked into it - or at least not for quite some time