I was really looking forward to this visit. I was surprised to see the driveway boarded up and a security sign on the wall outside.
Having got on the grounds it took quite a while to fathom out entry. what were once entry points had been boarded up from the inside!
I was really pleased to see it still in pretty good shape on the ground floor although the kitchen had seen better days. On approaching the first floor my heart sank , floor boards ripped up along the landings and some bedrooms and the pipes stolen.

History- A large detached house dating to 1907-8, was designed in an Arts and Crafts style and is clad in roughcast render. The was architect A Hill Parker a local architect based in Worcester. It is a two-and-a-half storey building with double-height canted bay windows, and is accessed via the west elevation with a terrace to the east. It retains its original leaded windows throughout, with the exception of two openings which have been converted into fire escape doorways. It had a number of functions throughout the 20th century including a private residence, a school and finally as a nursing home. It replaced an earlier structure of the same name which was established by Dr Edward Johnson in 1854 as a facility for patients to take the water treatment from the famous Malvern springs. This earlier building continued in its original use after Dr Johnson's death in 1867 and was taken over by his son Walter. Florence Nightingale stayed in the 19th century property in 1857 and 1867. The building was assessed for listing in 2010 but failed to meet the required criteria.

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