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    Arrow Shopping Plaza, Leeds 01/12


    (Then after the meet with Hiddenshadow, NickUK, BlueInk, MJS and Satsucki)

    Basicly this is going to be one of Englands biggest shopping centres, no doubt our lass is going to fooking love it and drag me round all the shops. Its going to have over 120 different stores. Lets do the maths: 120 stores with at least an average of 2.5 changing rooms per store. 120x2.5= 300 changing rooms Ill have to wait outside of!!!

    Anyways theres lots of views of Leeds and people in a hotel that wave at you

    Lets rock....

    Below the remains of H&M, thank fuck for that the millions of times Ive been in here with our lass, endless questions like "which do you prefer?..." "Which red do you like best...." "Why dont you like the other red...." "Do you mind if I try this on again?..." "Which pillow shall we buy?"

    "Do women whine? I don't whine like other women, do I? Do I whine like other women? Men say women whine, but I don't whine like other women, do I?" "Cant we get this one I like this one"

    "You think these shoes are too expensive?...." "What is inside that 2TB folder of yours?....."

    "What time is it?...." "How big is the ocean?" "Yeah but if I buy 50 of them I get 4 free...."

    "Can you hold my bag?..."

    And other pearls of wisdom!

    And thats it Thank you!.....

    "How come the compression is so bad on all those shots man? It looks like they've been edited with a Commodore 64." JST

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    Default Re: Shopping Plaza, Leeds 01/12

    Tremendous fun fun fun, some of my offerings...

    flickr my bean

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