This is three buildings in one report so appologies for the many images, in the aftermath of the occupy liverpool protests and take overs the story can be read here

Bit of a mixture here, after the occupy Liverpool protests that saw squatters take over the Tinlings building in liverpool and then moving into the victoria chapel and all of the buildings in between via the adjoining basements in total they occupied from the victoria chapel right down to the Tinlings building including numbers 3a,5,7,9 and 11, almost half of the block including the ex juvenile court and the old DHSS and benefit offices.

So we paid a visit on the spare of the moment and I only had a point and shoot so the images are a bit poor..visited with Sephiroth.

the Tinlings building

The Tinlings building was the first port of call and it was trashed with not much to see but they had set up a window display to show off the occupy Liverpool cause...the brown notice in the middle of the board was added by our good selves.

this looked like a kind of a makeshift Occupy HQ

And there was Fire extinguishers

the eviction notice from the court,,,we want our buildings back!

The roof was glorious but a point and shoot and no tripod was a bummer

The basement was fantastic with a big steel door that led into the next building ( the old DHSS and benefit offices)
The basement was like stepping back in time and flooded too, we had to be careful not to tread in protester poo here

The adjoining building with the shared basement

press for service, front of house DHSS

There was shit loads of personal documents left here and I mean shit loads including claims and payments, Sephiroth even found a christmas bonus girocheque from 2002

A lovely staircase that led upstairs but the roof access was too dodgy so we didnt risk it

and the eviction notice, there was one in each building

The lift was dodgy surfing this one!

top of the stairs down

WTF plans for Lewis's 6/7th floor were doing here I dont know

lastly the Victoria Chapel, it was Fecked but now is trashed too

That note from the first picture in this report