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    Default The Works Drain, Manchester - March 2012.

    First time I explored this was about two years ago.

    I returned with the exploring legend Jimmy to get a better set this time around. I was more interested in getting photos whereas
    Jimmy was having invisible battles with spiders, dirty water, drain shrimp and other general filth.

    The Works Drain is made up nearly entirely of brick piping ranging around the 7/8ft mark. The drain features some spray crete sections,
    a half blocked split, various manhole entrances, a big straicase and the P37 penstock and manual controls.

    The drain is a Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) that spills out into the River Irk, the Works is the big brother of SSSI drain further

    We both had fat wader breach on the way out, not because of the depth of the water but rather the amount of holes we've collected
    over the years, time for a new pair of waders I reckon.

    Thanks for looking, Gone.

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    Default Re: The Works Drain, Manchester - March 2012.

    Could do with a revisit to this place. Nice pics mate, shame about wader fail!!

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    Default Re: The Works Drain, Manchester - March 2012.

    Looks cool and some nice pictures, dont like the look of those sceptic steps though!
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    Default Re: The Works Drain, Manchester - March 2012.

    Wad0r breech! Had many wellie breeches but non wad0r. Can only imagine the fail. Top shelve boss as usual

    "How come the compression is so bad on all those shots man? It looks like they've been edited with a Commodore 64." JST

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