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    Default Westland Wessex - Little Rissington - May 2012

    We recently found an abandoned Westland Wessex (Tail number XR528) at Little Rissington near the go cart track. It's been here since around June/July time I believe, having moved from RAF Lyneham to here for instruction.

    Brief bit of history on this Wessex.
    Ff 4 Nov 1964, dd 10 Dec 1964, 78 Sq/F, /BZ by Sep 1971, 28 Sq/A by Dec 1982 still Mar 1987, RAF Benson by Mar 1988, 72 Sq/T by Mar 1989 still Mar 1997, WSF/HMF by Jan 1988, G.I. RAF St Mawgan by Mar 1998, A2711/-DD G.I. Culdrose by Mar 2001, to HMS Sultan 2002, then RAF Lyneham by Feb 2007 and Lyneham fire dump by May 2007.

    Unfortunately the last time we went up all the blades have been taken out of the holders, and every hatch (including the engine hatch at the front) and window has been opened.

    Inside the cockpit.

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    Default Re: Westland Wessex - Little Rissington - May 2012

    I'm not sure it is abandoned but looks cool all the same with all them dials to look at.

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