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    Arrow West Park REPORT May 08

    Nicked from an old report:

    Sooooo been wanting to do this one a while, was planning a trip down at some point but then Mykal went and organised it quite last minute!

    We had to meet Ridds and Tetra down there at 8am on the Sunday so I ran away from work early and we set off at about 2am. Driving was shared between myself and Mykal and snoring in the back we had Shepy, Loon and Miller.

    A few service station stops, red bulls and Goldfrapp cd's later we were in Surrey munching some breakfast in preperation for what turned out to be a rather active explore!

    Once Ridds had arrived we followed him around to the dogging car park then a short walk dodging electric fences and lots of shrubbery brought us to West Park. Strange site to first come across, its very green.

    In we went and the explore began. Plenty of dodging cameras. All the way through some people kept hearing things then Miller swore he saw someone. Turns out the building was crawling with other explorers!

    We met up with Fiendicus (a ploy to scare the shit out of him with the clown mask, failed, boo!), Lula and Jonboy, then later DMax and someone else (sorry!).

    Highlights included: a scary descent off a roof, for a change this went quite well for myself, not so well for others. Some very nasty noises when taking our group pic in the hall which saw us all goin omg til the cameras all finished, then as soon as the last one went we all scattered! A race between Loon and Shepy to see who could get a locked door open the fastest, which ended in Loon catapulting himself down the corridor, luckily nobody was behind him so no-one got flattered. Getting through the fence to the morgue, OUCH, Loons arse made an appearance (no pics from me mate, thank me later!). Oh and the brain slices.

    Worst part - that lovely rusted away mini sat by the morgue, I so so SO wanted to go get some shots of it but security turned up so it was a very swift jump over the ten foot fence. Does anyone else have a pic of it?

    Well enough wittering, on with the pics.

    Handbag in the clothes room

    Liked the light coming through here

    Not sure why but I though the corridors were really wierd here, looked like they'd been thrown up in a couple of hours like sheds or something.


    Group shot

    I love Lamp

    More here:

    After about five hours inside we headed back up North, again sharing the driving between Mykal and myself. Fookin knackering - 700 mile in less than 24 hours. Worth it though!
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