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    Default Eastleigh TMD, September 2012

    Visited with my Dad.

    First thoughts
    I've kept this out of the public eye for a while now because of BTP's unpredictability; all of my railway reports were in public including ones on live sites such as Crewe EMD (International) with no problems occurred up until I put up a report of Toton Yard last year and within a month of posting it BTP arrived at my door and fined me 50. Motherfuckers! Seems hypocritical considering 10-15 years ago enthusiasts put up their pictures when they did exactly the same thing in the same place, not to mention it was wholly acceptable to go anywhere back in the heyday! The effort they put in to tracking me down probably didn't justify the time and money spent either. But then I've bitten the bullet and decided to post this, because AFAIK us doing sites that aren't too close to main lines and storage/disused sites don't bother them too much (unless they catch you in the act). As for this place, there's little left that isn't condemned, it's pretty much closed (dormant? Being run down?) and considering loads of explorers have done the live works on the other side and not been fined, I don't see why this should be a big deal.

    As glad I am to have seen these locos, which to be fair haven't been photographed that much in their current states, it is with some sadness I write this report up; I've been doing this since I was about 8 years old (with my Dad), and seeing the decline in traction variety, depots becoming increasingly more impenetrable and draconian with photographers, and above all there being less and less derelict locos left to see. Back in the day you'd go to a depot and there'd be row upon row of locos all derelict and ready for scrap, which to say the least was an incredible experience; now you'd be lucky to find a depot with 10+ locos stored there. Sure there are one or two things left to see, but it's no comparison to what it used to be.

    The visit
    Anyway, I spent a weekend down in Southampton this month and on our way down we stopped in here. Access was a trek, but it was otherwise piss easy so not a lot to say there. Once we got round to the first set of locos, things got interesting; it's next to Southampton Airport, and the locos are stabled in the yard at the end of the runway so every so often the ground would shake beneath our feet with planes coming in to land about 50 feet above our heads! It's like you'd look up and BOOF! there'd be this plane divebombing you and in effect nearly bowling you over! Other than that, it was a nice way to chill out for the evening.

    This lot were withdrawn between 1999 and 2002, then donated most of their parts to fellow class members that were sent abroad (France, Spain, Netherlands etc.), Now owned by the infamous scrap merchant Booth's of Rotherham since about February, because of their location and lack of bogies they are grounded and thus nothing has been done to move them. It's been suggested that the bodies will be cut in to parts in order to transport them up there, but who knows what'll happen?

    At this point we headed back out, but knew there was another one parked somewhere else: 58008. But where? Just as we were about to leave I spotted it so we legged it towards the shed, got a couple of pics then left. To our surprise, 71000 Duke of Gloucester was parked behind after it failed on a railtour, but given that they can be total fucknuts if they catch you, we decided not to get a photo of it and left before any workers could see us. Mind you it was 6pm so I'm not sure anyone was left on site!

    So there we have it. On a final note, what will BTP think? I don't know, but either way this isn't about trespass. Or theft. Or just breaking the law for the fun of it. This is about prosterity. If they can't accept that I'm only photographing these locos before they're scrapped, fuck 'em.

    Love TBM x
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