The Morfa Copperworks was first established by John Hoblyn in 1737 it passed through a number of hands in the late 18th Centuary eventually being worked by a joint venture between Vivian and Sons, the company of cornish copper mine owner John Vivian and Williams, Foster and Company, During this time the oldest surviving engine house on the site was constructed and it merged with the negibouring Hafod Works. Vivian and Sons took full control of the works in 1874 at the time it was working Copper, Lead and Silver. In 1910 a new engine house was contructed to power a cold rolling mill and the entire engine system is still intact today the hessian ropes which would have once turned the heavy rollers are even still hanging in situ thou rotten and mold covered. In 1924 Vivian and Sons merged with other Swansea Copper makers to form British Copper Manufacturers' Limited who were in turn taken over by ICI in 1928. the works were handed over by ICI to the newly formed Yorkshire Imperial Metals, joint verture between themselves and Yorkshire Metals in 1957 who continued to operate the coperworks until they closed in 1980 since then the site has become incresingly deralict most of the rolling mills have be demolished to make way for a park and ride scheme although two seperate pockets of derelict listing uildingd still remain. And one of the oldest mill ships is now the storage warehouse for swansea muesum.