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    Arrow Rank Hovis Mill by Night - Ramsgate - January 2013

    I'm lacking transport at the moment, so I decided to take a walk and have a revisit of my most familiar UE haunt. Sadly the place has gone downhill fast - it was sealed recently, but they left it a bit late... Once upon a time the site was in great condition, but has sadly become a victim of its popularity with local kids. The building is still sealed up well - so after a comedy entrance, I was inside.

    You could hear a pin drop - even though it was pitch dark, it was reassuring to know I would not have any unwanted company, after seeing how well the place is secured. I remember, months ago my girlfriend and I had a nasty shock while on the roof - hearing an angle grinder start up, before an awkward encounter with the culprits downstairs...

    There has been a mill on this site for roughly 150 years, with the large silo structures built considerably later. As I recall, the site ceased operation around 2005 due to modernization. The site is now in development hell (the plan was to convert the Grade II listed building into apartments) - the buyer paid too much and couldn't make a profit, and left the whole site unguarded for years.

    Anyway, as it was a good night for it, half the photographs are taken from the roof. The other half were taken while I tried not to fall through rotten floorboards...

    Thanks for looking!
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    Default Re: Rank Hovis Mill by Night - Ramsgate - January 2013

    Not a bad set of pics!
    Least you didn't bump into any more unscrupulous individuals this time
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