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    Arrow The Twin towers, Wenlock way west gorton, Day and night visit, January 2013

    Me and a few other non members decided to met up early in the morning (noodlethesis, bobbgy88 and stopford_lad) We started the morning off in stockport but it wasnt a successful morning, coverd in mud and i got stuck in the thorn bushes and had to be dragged out while noodle had a lie down in the mud lol (he slipped), It was a good laugh.
    So early afternoon stopford _lad had to leave us and head home. So i said lets jump on the bus and go to west gorton in manchester to have a look at the original chatsworth estate and the 2 abandoned high rise buildings.

    I cant find much info about the 2 tower blocks but i know all the residents left sometime in 2012
    Half of the flats still have furniture in them.
    So we made our way to the top of the first block to look over manchester, it was a fantastic view from up there
    i could see the hilton hotel, manchester city fc stadium and a shipping container yard that i didnt even know was there.

    So the night after i decided to get the misses to drive me back and get a few more pictures of manchester in the dark.
    Im not the best at taking pictures in the dark because i dont know how to work the settings on my camera but here goes.

    Hope you enjoy

    I didnt even know that there was so much railway in gorton

    Lookin towards mcfc stadium

    I hope you enjoyed
    you can find the rest of my pics here
    Thanks for looking
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    exploring in manchester ?
    give me a SHOUT!!!

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