This photo set is a combination of 2 trips by members of the Stooges, Captain Jack and Niteskye, to a private Island off the Coast of Maine. During WWI and II it was a major defense facility with housing, a hospital and extensive fortifications and gun emplacements. After WWII it started to be phased out and by the 1960's was completely abandoned
About 10 years ago the officers housing and other less deteriorated buildings began being converted into high end condos. Eventually all but a handful of structures were fully rehabbed. These are mostly summer homes for well to do folks who donít care to have sketchy looking explorers roaming around the few remaining abandonments.

On our first trip after exploring a large old barracks building we were spotted by security and escorted off. The second trip was on a foggy morning where we arrived on the shores before dawn and got in the old army hospital just as the sun was coming up. Afterwards we stayed in the wooded areas and looked at some of the old gun emplacements and bunkers. Before we had seen much of that we felt it was a good time to leave and leave the rest to explore on another trip.

1. We arrived in darkness with thick fog blanketing the island and surrounding waters

2. We headed straight for the old base Hospital This area with barred windows looked intriguing

3. After testing our climbing skills and doing a little woodworking we were in before dawn.

4. We were lucky we hadnít tried to get in through on of Ward 1ís windows or doors

5. Foggy View


7. Which way

8. Here

9. All we found in the drug room was some soda cans with Pull tab tops on the dispensary counter. That was the newest beverage containers we found.

10. The room with the barred windows is up these stairs

11. ?

12. Choices

13. Niteskye finds an opening into the communications bunker


This was the nerve center for the battery of guns

Ammo Bunker

Interior of the observation tower

Small Pillbox

Blowin in the wind

20. Floors arenít safe

Bunk room in the enlisted mení barracks

Shooting rang e in the barrack basement.

Barracks exterior