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    Default Cellars Clough- Huddersfield - March 2013

    If anyone cares....

    It's grim up North!

    Myself, Drinkinbud and the Beardyemukidwhotagsalong went for a mooch around this mill, we've all passed, either discounted it, it was tight or more recently full of pikeys with diggers?!?!?!!? Comedy of the day involved drinkinbud complaining that he liked southern places better, electricity, carpet, warm........he is now our honorary southern softie LOL!

    Anyway, here's some stolen history:

    "The woollen mill was owned by Samuel Firth of Gatehead in Marsden, and opened in 1888. He also owned Holme Mill. By the 60s, it was owned and run by Fisher, Firth & Co. which became Cellars Clough Woollen Mills Ltd, managed by another Firth son, in 1981. The company has now been dissolved.

    Situated just off the Huddersfield Narrow Canal, the mill’s pond is now a popular fishing spot. Planning permission was granted for the conversion of the mills and former offices to 101 dwelling units, 9 live/work units, a resident’s gym, pool, shop, meeting room, bike store, car park and improvements to the access road.

    Previous planning applications have been unsuccessful as bats were found to be residing in the mill. The bats weren’t forcibly removed, so the hope was that they would eventually choose the ‘improved accommodation’ for themselves."

    Beardygirlpants doing his thing.

    Drinkinbud attempting to stare at his strongbow till it magically fills up again..

    Graffreflection, just had to.

    At the top.

    My big shaft shot.

    It's full of big rooms.

    And doors.

    And lift shafts.


    Also has an outside.

    Actually, for somewhere with very little detail, this place was great, well worth a wonder round if you can!

    Cheers for looking.

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    Default Re: Cellars Clough- Huddersfield - March 2013

    some nice shots here man, I need one of those magic refilling glasses for my stella
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    Default Re: Cellars Clough- Huddersfield - March 2013

    Yeah, he was most purturbed it didn't work. I offered to refill it for him, but apparently he didn't like the liquid I was going to do it with!

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    Default Re: Cellars Clough- Huddersfield - March 2013

    Epic pp pov 10/10 bro

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    Default Re: Cellars Clough- Huddersfield - March 2013

    cool pics
    yesterday is history.tomorrow is a mystery. today is a gift thats why is called present

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    Default Re: Cellars Clough- Huddersfield - March 2013

    liking this shizzle - gonna av to a little wonder bout, better check with mummy first though

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