Visited with Stoozie, Mookie and Zotez.

This was the second time I've been back here since August 2010 when I went with Mookie, Treads and a non-member, but my pics were rubbish so now was my opportunity to get some improved shots, and even see some areas which were inaccessible before. Unfortunately we were pushed for time a little bit, given that we wasted a load of time on a derp in Thame which turns out wasn't as derelict as we thought...

GT's always been an unusual one for me. Places have opened up and been sealed up every time I've been there, but what's really amazing is the sheer contrast between the decay in each room; the crowning glory main hall is immaculate, yet some rooms are far too dangerous to enter because the floors are caving in big time! Considering we were a bit pushed for time, I was a bit miffed when I realised we had to go after I'd been wasting time looking down "secret" passages that led to nowhere, but I got some good stuff done. What makes this place stand out for me though is how there's so much left in situ, particularly in all the hidden areas. A lot of it is used for storage, but if you dig deep enough you'd be amazed at what you can find.

The basement. Not many pics of this because it does look a bit bland to be fair, but it has an interesting atmosphere you can only appreciate when you're in there.

The broken face

The bedroom on the top floor. The areas that were boarded off like this were real time warps; had I known there was nothing down the corridors downstairs I would've focused on this a lot more, but I guess this just gives me more reason to go back again sometime.

On a final note, even though it's not listed on any heritage at risk registers, I really wonder what the future holds for this place. It's definitely gone downhill since I first went, not least with the slow and near non-existent restoration, so I fear the upper floors and much of the fabric will collapse if not sorted out soon. Let's see.


Love TBM x