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Thread: The S.S.R. - UK

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    I love to read about the SSR it probibly did exist at the start. Early diesels had no solid state electronics so would be fine with an EMP but the supply of oil may have been affected. It would be great if the trains were found burried in a tunnel but i doubt this happening but live in hope.
    Britain has a strategic steam reserve in york and the rest of the country in fairly good condition in the form of museums and other enthusiasts which they could have been used in an emergency. Have looked at the link above and it seems feasable even though scrapping records are fairly comprehensive they can be forged easily.
    The spoof on 28 about this generated a lot of interest and made good reading .
    Finally the hideout for the SSR would have been somewhere remote like this if this was the place they must have used diesels to shunt them as theres no sign of soot anywhere (any steam tunnel is mafted with it) prehaps theres more to this tunnel than we have seen.

    Cheers Myke

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