Visited with landsker

A lovely little mine that is so high up that we had to stop numerous times just so Scott could get his breath back, joking aside we could have done with a pack horse and some sherpas it was such a steep one, anyway I really enjoyed seeing this lovely mine and as usual Landsker had done his homework and knew just were to find this place..Bless him he looks after poor uncle K and turns up with maps, history and wealth of mining knowledge, I just bring the Aldi chocolate bars and crisps but it always works out well. Just on a side note Landsker is becomming a fecker for chucking stuff lately, if its not stones or slates it is anything that he can get his hands on this is an alarmingly new development and one that I always had exclusive rights to and its got to stop.... I chuck the knackers

some video of landsker chucking stuff last weekend in Dinorwic

Right on with some images from Abercorris but first some history shamelessly stolen from Scotts report


The land occupied by the Abercorris quarry was leased to Thomas Green of London in 1863 who began quarrying operations, although the site was probably worked on a small scale before this date. In 1874 amidst a boom in demand for slate, the Cwmodyn Slate & Slab Quarry Company was formed, but demand slumped soon after and the company was sold at auction in 1878. Its new owner, J.W. Orchard began operations again by 1880 but this operation also failed and the quarry was closed by 1888. Abercorris reopened in 1889, employing 40 men but again failed and was taken over in 1893 by W. John Lewis and Arthur T. Carr. This operation continued with limited success through to 1914 when it closed at the outbreak of the First World War. Following the war the quarry was reopened in 1920 under the ownership of T.O. Williams and C. Humphries. By 1928 this latest attempt had been wound up. There was another small scale attempt to work Abercorris

The entrance was boggy outside and above wellyboot height on a wetness scale inside but as you can see it was lovely and like a scene from the Hobbit.

We dun got winches

and a whole box of gunpowder

We dun got shit pots where you can share one newspaper with your neighbour

Horrific collapses in some of the huge vertical chambers

The last picture looked like this at one point

more monster collapses

The brick wall on the right hides a mahoosive drop.

there looked to be a flooded lower level to this mine and the tracks disappeared into the abyss, the water in mines always seems so beautiful and clear.

El gruppo shot, this place was lovely with its lofty scenery and its waterfalls, we even commented how myleen Class would not look out of place taking a dip in one of these waterfalls.

anyway thanks for looking.